Electric stainless steel waterproof junction box for loadcell

General Specifications

Weighing Accessories,Junction box

Protection Level: IP66

Selection of connection mode junction box for 4 load cells

Able to connect with strain gauge load cell X4 at resistance of 350~800Ω,excitation 3~15VDC

Connect with load cell 4, 6, 8, customized for 10 wies

High precision potentiometer

For parallel mode,wire connection method with selection of compacting or welding

For parallel mode,equipped with TVS pipe for anti-surge


.Housing Material Stainless Steel
.Usage Connect with 4 6 8 load cells
.Output Analog
.Feature Waterproof Dustproof
.Warranty 12 months
.Protect Waterproof rubber gasker for cover
.Packing 1pcs a small box and 10pcs a carton


S.S.Junction Box Weighing Accessories

Connect the indicator with the load cell

Signal or Volt Adjustment

IP67 Protection Class

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