Who wouldn’t want to grab everyone’s attention at a summer pool party with a novelty swim ring? All you need is a cute inflatable donut swim ring.It’s shaped like a delicious doughnut with a bite taken out of it.

Inflatable accessories for swimming in the pool
A woman in a hat relaxes on an inflatable circle in the pool.

【Colorful and Vivid Printing & Unique Bite-mark Design】The soft donut float body is topped with fragrant and attractive chocolate, and the colorful jelly beans are evenly sprinkled on the top, absorbing and delicious! The special bite-mark design will definitely catch everyone’s attention!

【Multifunction】This doughnut pool floatie can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s a good helper for swimming in summer parties, even for outdoor games, lake trip or family vacations. As a decoration, This donut pool float is suitable for multiple use: donut theme parties (DONUT GROW UP PARTY), birthday party, etc.

【Strong Buoyancy and Elasticity】We thicken and widen this donut floatie, which makes it can hold more air. You will be satisfied with its strong buoyancy. The strong elasticity of this pool float donut also helps it to hold more air. Due to this donut float for pool ‘s strong elasticity and buoyancy, it can protect you from being squeezed and tipping over. When you drift in rivers and lakes, this pool float can also effectively prevent collisions with stones and float on water better.

【Smooth Inner Ring & Environmental Printing and Safe Materials】Donut pool float uses advanced technology to make smooth interface, taking care of your skin carefully. This donut float also adopts environmentally friendly ink printing, which is safe and good color retention.

If you want to know more about this, please feel free to contact us. Have fun this summer with a floating doughnut in the water!